• A startup business plan describes business objectives, its strategies and its financial forecast. It acts as a blueprint of startup company’s formation and its operations. It is quite challenging to make a presentation on startup business plan. However, with time, I have come to a conclusion that while making any kind of presentation your approach should be genuine and well informed.

    Hence, I suggest you use the following approach for creating PowerPoint slides on markets segmentation target and positioning evaluation:

    Market Insights: There should be market insights slide with the following points- market share, target market, serviceable available market (SAM), total available market (TAM), total available market, serviceable available market, your target market, your market share. 

    Projected Key Financials: You can include a projected key financials slide in the form of bar graph which shows- sales, net profit, gross profit.

    Understanding The Marketplace And Consumer Needs: There should be an understanding the marketplace and consumer needs slide which showcases- customers won’t know what they want until they see it, it is impossible to ever know all the customers’ needs, customers have latent needs; needs they don’t even know they have, customers’ needs change quickly over time, customers struggle to articulate their needs. 

    Customer Value Proposition Ladder: You can add a customer value proposition ladder slide which includes- emotional benefits, rational benefits, target and insights, brand features with product features, rational benefits, emotional benefits, define consumer. 

    Here is a Startup Business Plan that you can download and customize.


    Answered on 12 Aug, 2019
    By Kavya Jindal