• Start-up business proposal is a blueprint for organizational goals, its operations, and its specific technology-based products. To create PowerPoint Slides on a start-up business proposal, we should describe the entire business strategy in a well-defined manner.

    A good presentation on start-up business proposal should have the following pattern- 

    Executive Summary: You can include an executive summary slide which displaying- solution, problem, market, mission.

    Market Insights: You can add a market insights slide which showcases- target market, market share, serviceable available market, total available market.

    Projected Key Financials: You can add a projected key financials slide which shows- sales, net profit, gross profit.

    Financial Predictions: You can include a financial predictions slide which shows- monthly breakeven aggregate net income expenses revenue in graphical form.

    Here is the link of Start-Up Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation template that you can use -

    Start Up Business Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides


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    Answered on 10 Sep, 2019
    By Megha Roy