• While making a presentation on marketing plan new product launch, you should specify all marketing strategies in a well-defined manner.

    Here, are the points which should be included in marketing plan new product launch PPT Slides-

    New Product/Service Launch Plan: There should be a new product/service launch plan slide which showcases– key steps: project overview, target audience, product/service positioning, new product/service launch overview, product launch cycle, product launch timeline, phase-wise tactics – buzz, launch & momentum, product launch, detailed plan, launch planning: key steps & tool, marketing plan, typical product launch marketing process, lead generation activities, marketing, budget, product launch tracking, reasons why product launch fail, revenue & costing forecast, go-to-market strategy. 

    Product Overview: You can include a product overview slide which showcases- problem statement, project description, project goals & objectives, assumptions, project scope, project inclusions, project exclusions, critical success factors.

    Elevator Pitch for product: There should be an elevator pitch for product slide which displays- value proposition framework, target customers, product/solution description, main problem, competitive advantage, primary benefit to customer, product/solution substitute.

    Target Audience: You can add a target audience slide which showcases- geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral. 

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    Answered on 12 Sep, 2019
    By Isabella Lucas