• Gap Analysis methods and models analyze the gap between expected performance and actual performance of the business. A well-structured PowerPoint template on gap analysis methods and models, helps you in capturing the attention of the panel and also gives clues and reminders on what to say. 

    Include the following points in your presentation-

    Gap Analysis Overview: You can add a gap analysis overview slide with the following points- what do we need to do get there? basic process for gap analysis where are we now? current state how do we do this ? gap analysis what do we want to achieve desired state.

    Gap Analysis Procedure: There should be a gap analysis procedure slide which showcases- your goal, the plan, time frame, current reality. 

    GAP Analysis Graph: There should be a gap analysis graph slide that displays- potential performance, diversification, product development, market growth, market penetration, actual performance. 

    Ansoff Product Matrix: You can include an Ansoff product matrix slide with the following points- markets, product & service segregated as- strategy, product development, diversification, market development, market penetration. 

    You can also download the predesigned template on Gap Analysis Methods And Models PowerPoint Presentation Slides


    Answered on 12 Sep, 2019
    By Shivam Sharma