• Here is the best outline for a deck on Equity Crowdfunding. Use it to create your own PPT templates :

    The Problem: There should be The problem slide which illustrates your problem, as well as convey the problem statement to someone who’s less immersed in it than you, consider adding some components like 1. What do you need? 2. Reason behind the need. 

    The Solution: You can include the solution slide which showcases the following factors- save energy, save money, save time, if the investor has no clue what the product does even after getting deep into a pitch; now is the time for a short explanation or demo. 

    Financing: There should be a financing slide that clears an idea on the valuation of company, and how much equity are you willing to dilute before going to any investor. 

    Use Of Funds: You can add a use of funds slide which shows the following examples- Sales & Marketing, Hire key employees, Founder Salaries; Build out/further develop technology, File patents; Achieve key milestones: 1st client? Breakeven time? 3x Revenue growth?

    Here is an example of Equity Crowdfunding PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Download it and alter it as per your liking.


    Answered on 12 Sep, 2019
    By Victoria Matias