How can I make an effective presentation on self assessment for job promotion?



Self-assessment is a career promotion tool that inspires the employees to think about yourself and plan to improve for their future opportunities, possible promotions and targets jobs. 

A well-structured PowerPoint presentation on the value creation plan, helps you to capture the attention of the panel and also gives clues and reminders on what to say. 

Include the following points in your PowerPoint presentation slides-

Personal Overview: You can add a personal overview slide which shows- what are my goals? who am I? and what can I do? 

About Me: There should be an about me slide with the following points- contact info, personal profile, hobbies, achievements, skill & languages, education, work experience.

Skills: You can include a skills slide which displays- creative, team player, assertive, flexible, goal oriented.

Comparison: There should be a comparison slide to state comparison between commodities, entities etc. 

You can also download the pre-designed template on Self Assessment For Job Promotion.

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