• Employee retention strategies motivate the employees to become productive. They also help in increasing their performance, morale and quality of work. 

    A well-structured PowerPoint presentation on employee retention strategies helps you to capture the attention of the panel and also gives cues and reminders on what to say. 

    Include the following points in your PowerPoint presentation slides-

    Employee Value Proposition Components: You can add an employee value proposition components slide describing- rewards & benefits, employment brand, recruiting strategy, employment feedback, corporate brand.

    Employee Value Proposition Categories: There should be an employee value proposition categories slide with the following points- rewards, work, people, organization, opportunity.

    Employee Value Proposition Canvas: You can include an employee value proposition canvas slide displaying- work life, compensation & benefits, professional development, recognition & rewards, culture.

    Employee Value Proposition Framework: There should be an employee value proposition framework which shows- people, work, organization, opportunity, reward.

    You can also download a pre-designed template on Employee Retention Strategies.


    Answered on 23 Mar, 2020
    By Megha Roy