Added on: 24 Jan, 2019

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  • Yes once you have downloaded a design you can edit that very design as per your need. We have different type of designs like Themes, Diagrams, Icons and they have there own design characteristics and defferent editable percentage.  

    1) Themes - You can add as many slides in a Theme and can edit slide type and text. You cannot edit the background images shown on Themes. For Example below are Themes

    Example Theme 1

    Example Theme 2


    2) Diagrams - You can edit a diagram as per your need and will as they are 100% editable. You can edit text, colour, shape, size etc.  For Example below showncased design is a Diagram

    Example Diagram


    3) Icons - We have Two type of icons Image Icons and Non Image Icons. Image Icons are not editable. You can only edit the size of an Image Icon whereas you can 100% edit a non-image icon. 

    Image Icons:

    Example Image Icon

    Example Image Icon 2

    Example Image Icon 3

    Non-Image Icons:

    Example Icon


    Answered on 25 Jan, 2019
    By Jack