Donation PowerPoint Templates

Donations can be in many forms - money, food, goods, services, and more. We are offering our donation PowerPoint templates for supporting this noble cause and humanitarian job. Use these authentic PPT designs to present and align the donors with the cause behind the charity. You can use these PowerPoint sets to illustrate where and how the donated assets will be exerted. Add text to these easy-to-edit PPT templates like your charity mission, the values of the organization, and more to drive the audience. Incorporate these ingenious PowerPoint layouts in open charity events to show how small contributions will be part of a big pool or big cause. These brilliant PPT sets will help you maintain transparency within the organization and show dispersal of funds to different missions and society needs. You can use these PowerPoint presets to show the vertical movement and percentage used of assets at each level of the funnel. Download these ready-to-use PPT layouts and explain to the team how donation helps in tax savings on the individual and organizational levels.

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Man Holding Box With Dollar Notes Powerpoint Template

This business slide has been designed with man holding box with dollar notes. This PowerPoint template helps to display the concept of money saving. Use this PPT slide to make impressive presentations

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Stack Of Dollar Notes And Gold Coins PowerPoint Template

Talking about investment is always boring and especially if somebody tries to make you understand the same, people often lose interest early. You have the same problem? Do not want to bore your audience? Choose this creatively designed PPT template having an image of piles of dollars and coins. You can use this design which clearly depicts that you may want to talk about the investment, money growth and much more. This slide can also be taken as to convey message about money planning, wealth management, strategies and planning. There are two icons present at the sides of the image. Percentage and growth icons both depict the returns or the profit you can get by investing your money at the right place. Icon, color and text are customizable. You can change them the way you want. So use this template and make your presentation interesting.

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Illustration Of Dollar Money Jar Powerpoint Templates

The above template displays graphics of dollar money jar. This diagram has been professionally designed to emphasize on concept of money saving. Grab centre stage with this slide.

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Gear In Hands With Money Icons Powerpoint Templates

This business diagram displays circular gear steps infographic. This business diagram has been designed with graphic of gear with icons. Use this diagram to depict business planning process in your presentations.

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Funnel Diagram With Dollar Coins Symbol Powerpoint Templates

You can download this PowerPoint template for marketing and sales process. It contains graphics of funnel with dollar coins. Draw an innovative business idea using this diagram.

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Donating Money To Charity Powerpoint Template

Our above slide contains ten staged colorful infographic. It helps to exhibit concepts of charity and donation. Use this diagram to impart more clarity to data and to create more sound impact on viewers.

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Hand With Euro Currency Note Powerpoint Templates

This business slide contains graphics of hand with Euro currency note. This diagram is suitable to present finance and money concepts. Visual effect of this diagram helps in maintaining the flow of the discussion and provides more clarity to the subject.

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