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17 Simple but Powerful Typography Tricks You'll Never Forget

By SlideGeeks

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PUBLISHED ON 4 February, 2022


Words are important but their "look" matters more. Newspapers, magazines, or websites choose their font very carefully. The weight, size, height, width, style of lettering, spacing between characters, and the combination of all these culminate in making a font or typeface. And each font therefore has a unique personality.

The fonts you choose for your presentation content subconsciously influences the way audiences perceive your words. Your font choice may convey authority or submission, seriousness or light heartedness, boldness or lightness, stability or movement.

99 out of 100 presenters never ventured beyond Arial or Helvetica. These are safe fonts and work alright too. Yet there may be a font out there on the web which was perfectly suited for your message. And it isn

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by Monga


Designing has been my biggest nightmare as I am not even a beginner in designing. It has been the trickiest part of my job profile. However, these ebooks changed my design and me for better!

by Ajay Mohan


Great way to light up a creative designer in oneself. I believed that I can never become a good designer. I struggled a lot while designing banners for my company. But these eBooks completely changed my perception about design. Thank you SlideTeam for suc

by Nusrat


Incredible and creative books that tell you everything about design and how you can improve them to get noticed. I loved how passionately written these ebooks are with each and every element carefully chosen to create such wonderful masterpieces. Eagerly

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