17 Tiny Tweaks to Add the "WOW" Factor to Your Slides

By SlideGeeks

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PUBLISHED ON 23 September, 2019


Have you been in this situation - You look at your ready presentation but it looks far from good. There is something missing in the presentation. But what? And on top of that, there is no time to redesign the presentation from scratch.

Have you also faced a situation where you are satisfied with the final presentation design but wish to know ways to make it look even better?

This eBook is the answer to such situations. The book reveals 17 tiny tweaks to quickly transform dull slide designs into professional looking ones.

All the tweaks shared in it take only a minute to do but radically improve the look of your presentation. Master the following tiny tweaks through this eBook:

  • 7 tweaks to text for an impactful message
  • 5 tweaks with images for visual excellence
  • 5 tweaks with slide design for the wow factor

One does not always need to recreate every design from scratch if it is not perfect. Little changes can help you achieve that polished look. It is the little things that matter in life. The rule applies to presentation design too!

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Most relevant reviews

by deval


I never considered font to be an important aspect when it comes to design. But the eBook you wrote on typography is just outstanding. It made me figure out the mistakes that I have been making while choosing a font for my design. Thank you for such insightful tips!

by Gelai


Great job guys. Keep coming with more such useful guides!

by rica marie sorongon


I am a terrible designer and these tips came in very handy. Thank you for these eBooks guys! Hopefully, now I will be able to create better designs that I previously did!

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