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Top 10 Creative Image Hacks to Create Visual Masterpieces



Publish on : 11 June 2019

Pages : 104

PowerPoint is a creative powerhouse, if you know how to use it effectively. There are many features that many presenters are totally oblivious too.It is also one software that can be easily mastered by any, unlike Photoshop or any other advanced software which require lots of practice to perfect. Just a few clicks of a button and PowerPoint can help you create unique designs that a viewer would believe were created by some professional graphic designer in some advanced imaging software! Since PowerPoint presentations need to become more visually engaging day by day, that means you have to step up your design skills from time to time. Pasting an image alone on the slide won

Want to take your PowerPoint skills to the next level? Want to learn creative image hacks without the use of Photoshop or other advanced software? Then this eBook is for you!

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  1. 80%

    by Monita Phann

    Informative presentations that are easily editable.
  2. 80%

    by Reyespropulk

    Good research work and creative work done on every template.
  3. 80%

    by Akshy Kumar

  4. 80%

    by khorloo

    I used to make use of just a few common color combinations for my presentations. But, after going through these eBooks I have come to know about some vivid color combinations that can break the monotony and add a new element to my presentations. Thank you
  5. 80%

    by nomingua

    I used to think bullets look great and they are so easy to use. However, these eBooks helped me understand that bullets are the biggest presentation sins that every designer should avoid! Thank you SlideTeam for sharing these eBooks with me. They will hel
  6. 80%

    by bayaraaa

    Being an amateur in designing, I was on a lookout for great tips and tricks to improve my presentations. My search ended with your eBooks. Thank you for these handy guides. I love them and use the tips mentioned in these every time I design something.
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