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Ever wondered who makes the high-quality and impressive illustrations used in scientific journals, books and magazines and how do they make it? It’s the work of professional graphic designers who make the same using high end software programs like Autodesk 3D Maya, Illustrator, etc. While some publications allow use of diagrams and graphics created using Microsoft PowerPoint, some adhere to strict guidelines regarding software used, resolution, grayscale, line art, etc. In both cases, however, top quality is expected for the paper to be published.

SlideGeeks has a team of expert designers who are highly skilled in PowerPoint, Photoshop, and advanced imaging softwares to create stunning illustrations for publications, journals and magazines. With our services, you can rest assured that your manuscript will pass the revision stage and get published. The readers too will enjoy reading your paper and understand the content quickly with high impact illustrations. Just tell us what you want and leave the specifics (colors that print well, typefaces that are legible, high resolution, etc.) to us.

Why Choose SlideGeeks:

  1. Team of 50+ designers expert in the best graphic designing programs like Autodesk 3D Maya, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
  2. Designed hundreds of high-quality, colorful illustrations for magazines and journals.
  3. Widest range of science and business diagrams available in archives.
  4. Largest PowerPoint content providers on the web.


  1. Only $15 per hour for designing illustrations and graphics.
  2. Total estimated cost given before we get started so you know what you have to pay; no hidden charges levied.
  3. Pricing also depends on the software use required; high end imaging softwares costing more.

Let your research article stand out in publication or magazine with professional, high-quality illustrations designed by us. Click the button below to share your requirements