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Corporate Publications, ranging from newsletters, brochures, annual reports, to pamphlets and trade publications, rely on quality material and visuals to impress the internal as well as external audiences. These publications also form the core of public relations strategy. A great content backed with poorly designed visuals however puts a big dent on your professional caliber. That’s why you need SlideGeeks to guide you in design.

Our dedicated team of designers know well the art and craft of business communication. Using graphic design tools such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Autodesk 3D Maya, our team creates simple yet eye-grabbing graphics that show your growth figures impressively and aid in quick understanding at a glance. Our designers know what works the best for your data- pie chart, bar diagram or a customized figure, and how to use them to enhance your company’s branding. Simply tell us your visual requirements and we’ll deliver the perfect corporate illustrations you need. Go pro today and let your designs speak for you!


  1. Reasonable pricing of just $15 per hour for corporate graphics and diagrams.
  2. No extra or hidden charges; total estimate of cost told upfront.
  3. Pricing varies depending on the software requirements; advanced softwares requiring more time increase the total cost.

Wait! The best part is we are totally open to suggestions and revisions. You don’t pay a penny until you are fully satisfied with the final design. So, give it a try, send us your design requirements by clicking the button above.