Team With Communication Bubbles PowerPoint Template

PPT: SG-76846224
Category: Communication / People
There are many different opinions and many different people and we recognize that. - Melisa Tezanos. And we recognize the need of a slide to show different opinions and suggestions together for comparison or evaluation purposes. The PowerPoint slide shows 4 random people of both genders and space has been marked inside a thought bubble where the presenter can mention the ideas, opinions, doubts or suggestions. The 4 people do not have any specific age or any other detail so they depict the society or a team in a perfect form which is a mix of different kind of people. The slide can also be ideal for PPT’s laying emphasis on healthy communication between a family or friends or community in general. The slide is customizable and the text can be added in each thought bubble.
Take the plunge with our Team With Communication Bubbles PowerPoint Template. Success will surely ensue.

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