Key Formatting Services Offered

Our Microsoft Word Formatting Services encompasses the nitty and gritty of design- template, alignment, fonts, colors, character spacing, indent, bullets and numbering, etc., so that the redesigned document is crisp and worthy of being read.

  • Basic Polishing

    If there are redundant spaces, uneven formatting, inconsistent breaks or any other glaring mistakes, our team will clean up the document to make it look professional.

  • Page Borders

    Our designers are wizards with Microsoft and can create custom page borders for your documents using different styles. We turn plain documents into eye-catchy promotional materials.

  • Page Layout

    Our team sets up the right page layout depending on your document. Page margins, size, orientation, breaks, line numbering, hyphenation, etc. are all minutely taken care of.

  • Text Formatting

    We look into every small formatting detail like title casing, indents, line spacing, character spacing, spaces before and after paragraphs, lists and numbering so that the documents are impressive and easy to read.

  • Brand Consistency

    If you want to remove old formatting from all company documents and make them look consistent in terms of your brand colors, fonts, logos and style, our team can do the same.

  • Custom Template

    If you do not have a pre-designed template of your own and want a new, modern custom template designed from scratch, we’ll create the same based on your requirements.

  • Header & Footer

    Our Word Formatting team creates impressive headers and footers that prominently highlight your company logo, document titles, contact details, page numbers, and more.

  • Tables and Charts

    We clean up your charts and tables so that the readers can understand the data at a glance. Consistency is maintained across all data visualization.

  • Graphics & Wrapping

    Adding graphics, cropping, resizing, and wrapping text around it is a pain in the ass. For our document formatting services team, it’s a piece of cake.

  • Table of Contents

    We'll create the Table of Contents navigation pointing to the right page number on the document. We'll also create the list of figures and list of tables if required.

  • Footnotes & References

    We style consistent footnotes, endnotes linking to the right number on page so that readers can read comments or references conveniently.

  • Organized Structure

    Most often, documents seem information dump. Our content research team can help you structure your document properly with most important information getting the attention it deserves.

Types of Documents You Can Request

Don’t worry about the type, length and number of documents you need formatted and polished. We have an entire team of MS Office experts adept at formatting documents as per the customer’s requirements and delivering within deadline! Here are some types of document formatting services we offer:

  • Visual Resumes
  • Financial Reports
  • Business Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Training Documents
  • Booklets and Manuals
  • Official Papers
  • Questionnaires and Survey Forms
…and more
Some of our sample work

Why Outsource Word Formatting Services to Us?

  • MS Office Experts

    Our team members are no less than Microsoft MVPs, having 10+ years of experience in designing using Microsoft Office. The team is fully adept in all basic and advanced MS Word functionalities.

  • Save Time & Efforts

    Countless precious hours are lost in fiddling with Word toolbars. What takes you hours will take us minutes. Save time by outsourcing word formatting services to us and utilize the same in work that your team is best at.

  • Best Price

    Our document formatting rates are the best in the market. You save 40-50% of costs by outsourcing work to a formatting company rather than doing it in-house. Save even more with bulk submission.

  • Dedicated Team

    If your company has a lot of documents to be formatted and need a dedicated designer or an entire team to work solely on your project, we can arrange the same. The dedicated team will work on yours and yours project only. Learn more about Hire a Designer on Contract

  • Confidentiality

    We understand the documents you submit may contain proprietary information, competitive secrets, and other confidential information. We maintain strict client confidentiality and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with companies requesting so.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We offer our clients a quick turnaround time and try our best to deliver the formatted documents before the deadline expires. Depending on the number of documents and formatting service required, we will give you an upfront estimate of time needed and we'll stick to it!

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