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Drawing an amoeba or pyramid on paper is thousand times easier than trying to draw rectangles, circles, and lines in PowerPoint or Photoshop. Unless you have all the time to kill in this world! For SlideGeeks team of professional designers, manipulating shapes and creating unique diagrams is a daily task we just love doing. So we take sketches of diagrams, shapes, and other elements you require for your upcoming presentation and turn those sketches into eye-catchy illustrations that bring your slides to life.

Sketches can be on anything: a diagram for science journal, a detailed flowchart for your organization, a pie chart for research analysis, or any other abstract concept that needs to be made concrete via design. And no, your sketches don’t have to be pretty; just understandable enough to convert your ideas into reality. Our professional designers with years of experience in PowerPoint and other design softwares know what makes the design cool: from colors to fonts to shapes. So get a pen and paper, scribble out the design you need and hand it over to us. We’ll make it happen for you!

Why SlideGeeks is your best bet:

  1. More than a decade of experience in designing stunning presentation templates and diagrams.
  2. Thorough understanding of each industry vertical and their expectations.
  3. Time-bound delivery of first draft in 48 hours.
  4. Complete flexibility to accommodate your suggestions n number of times.
  5. Most economical designs as low as $5 per slide for SlideGeeks members subscribed to “Annual + Custom Design” plan.

Get started today, submit your sketches and other requirements by clicking the button above.