When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, by and large a font is an unsung hero.

That’s because while crafting presentation slides, the font is on the last in priority list. In fact, the sad part is that for some presenters it does not matter at all.

Problem is that almost every presenter suffocates under the weight of hundreds of other tasks. That’s why instead of focusing on strategic or right use of font most presenters remain busy with integrating graphics, animations, visuals and oral preparation for the show.

But it is vital to understand that right from the cover slide to thank you slide it’s the font only that comes on every PPT template.  

All in all, without using a great font, it’s hard to get a round of applause from the audience. But, there is hardly a presenter who truly understands the importance of a font.

Because of ignorance about font’s significance accompanied by little font knowledge, every presenter prefers to go with safe fonts. And that’s why almost in every second PPT we observe same old fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Helvetica.

Well, we understand that for business PPTs presenters require formal looking fonts. Right! Sadly when it comes to business fonts, presenters know about 3-4 famed fonts only. But, besides these famed fonts, there are many other business fonts available to enrich the visual appearance and that also go well with all designs.

The crux is, now there is no need to stumble upon famed ones only. Time to hone up font knowledge and shift to other powerful business fonts.

To help you out here in this blog post we have come up with 9 killer fonts for business PPTs.

9 Killer Fonts for Business PPTs

1. The Bold Font

Author: Pindarots

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for Personal & Commercial Use

The Bold Font

The Bold Font is perfect for making a bold or daring business statement to catch the attention of the audience. This font is not only geometrically thicker but is also stylish and hence strongly standalone from the regular font. Therefore, it is a perfect font to cast a spotlight on keywords, focus words or important message, especially in a cover slide. Besides this, it is perfect to apply in designing posters, flyers and pamphlets.

Ideas mean nothing without execution using custom font

2.  Viafont

Author: JLH Fonts

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for Personal & Commercial Use


The bold Viafont is perfect for making bold statement in a cover slide. The uneven thickness of lines in few letters like ‘R’ and ‘N’ makes this font standalone. But the most striking letter among all letters is ‘A’. An innovative arty touch makes it worth dying for.

Note down that as the font is available in uppercase only therefore avoid using it for complete sentences. In fact, use it to cast spotlight on the focus word.

Creative Ideas using custom font

3. Kirvy

Author: Youssef Habchi

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for personal and commercial use

Kirvy Font

Kirvy is just the right font for people who are in the hunt for simple but flexible fonts. The good thing about this font is that it comprises four weights i.e. Thin, Light, Regular and Bold. To put in other words, Kirvy offers four different styles to nicely present a specific text. This font is available in both uppercase and lowercase; hence fits well for titles as well as informative text. That’s why it goes well for use in both personal and commercial presentations.

Check the sample slide given below to experience the elegant slide created using Kirvy.

E-Mail Marketing using custom font

4. Bebas Neue

Author: Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for personal and commercial use

Bebas Neue Font

Based on the original free font Bebas Neue, this new version comprises four new styles i.e. Thin, Light, Book and Regular. This new version is also known as version 2.0. Combination of clean lines and elegant shapes efficiently brings classiness in a text. Largely considered as multipurpose, this font is available in uppercase and hence is perfect for application in business PPT presentations. Check the sample slide given below as ready reference.

How to make engaging business presentation using custom font

5. Afton James

Author: Cumberland Fontworks

Category: Serif

License: Free for personal use

Afton James Font

Afton James is serif family-based font that is perfect for use in title or headings meant to create a thrilling impression. The eroded edges not only make it stylish but also brings unique mysterious and old look. Available in uppercase, it is just the font for every business presenter looking to induce warmth and uniformity in the text. To make the point clearer, check the sample slide given below.

Cons of Social Media Marketing using custom font

6. Above

Author: Herofonts

Category: Fancy

License: Free for personal use only

Above Font

When it comes to creative fonts, then font Above has definite edge over others. This arty font is perfect to display both formal and informal text. Extended and free strokes used in some letters give this font style and grace. By applying this font judiciously to create titles or focus words presenters can make a slide standalone. To comprehend the trick, check the sample slide given below. 

Advertising Techniques using custom font

7. Tellural

Author: Nymphont

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for personal use only

Tellural Font

Tellural font gives an easy or little comic feel and hence is wonderful to display content that is light or not serious. Or simply Tellural font supports to give a delicate home-produced touch to content. Uppercase of this Sans Serif family font gives an impression of regular font; however, lowercase is trendy and is more identifiable. Biggest advantage with this font is that it comprises additional characters like Greek and Cyrillic characters. Here’s the sample slide having text conceptualized using Tellural.    

Focus using custom font

8. April Fool’s Day

Author: Junkohanhero

Category: Sans Serif

License: Free for personal use only

April Fools Day Font

Having a corroded feel, April Fool’s Day font is a Sans Serif family member that bears a resemblance to Bebas Neue. Threads and dots coming out of alphabet edges give this font a distinctive arty touch. It is just the right font for presenters looking for slight variation from regular fonts and who dare to experiment with their text. Check the sample slide given below.

Imagination has no Limit using custom font

9. Ghostlight

Author: Jeremie Dupuis

Category: Slab Serif

License: Free for personal use only

Ghostlight Font

A Slab Serif family member, Ghostlight comes in five distinctive weights. It’s a powerful font having close similarity with Egyptian typeface like Rockwell. Classy smooth italics make it great choice to represent titles as well as text body. In short, it is a good font for PPTs dealing with branding and marketing. Best is, this font well supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Vietnamese language. Check the sample slide below having title designed by using this font.

Quarterly Business Review using custom font

Concluding Thoughts

Business presenters using unique and new fonts connect with more audience than those who restrict themselves with few regular fonts.  

But, typical presenters are so busy trying to make their presentations that they often overlook font. It is also true that on a given day use of new businesses fonts can be a hit or miss. But irrespective of the result intelligent presenters dare to experiment.

The biggest advantage of experimenting with fonts is that presenters don’t need much efforts, skill and resources to implement it. It takes little planning, creativity and experimentation to analyze what works for a specific business topic.

And the good news is that when applied correctly new business fonts have all the potential to hypnotize the audience. The crux here is it is the best lit pathway to make a business PowerPoint presentation truly remarkable.   

What other new business fonts you feel have the potential to turn the table for a presenter?