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15 PowerPoint Design Secrets No Designer Wants You To Know

By SlideGeeks

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PUBLISHED ON 4 February, 2022


Designing is an art and craft that can be learned. Great designers know their tools but that is not enough to churn out a great design. You need to first know what to put on the blank canvas before you can materialize that using the tools. A great design, therefore, requires a great idea first and then great techniques to flesh that out on PowerPoint slides.

So, back to square one - How do you start thinking like a designer? Who's better to tell than the designer himself or herself. We asked our team of designers how they train their minds to think creatively and churn out new designs every day. Turns out they follow a process. They have some principles they religiously adhere to. Some techniques that they trust will never make their design look bad in the eyes of the viewer. Some firefighting mechanisms to come up with a good design even when the situation looks hopeless.

We feel it's our moral duty to share these secrets with you. It is the age of knowledge sharing and no one benefits by keeping it locked behind doors. This eBook spills all the beans. Expect to learn through this eBook:

  • How to look at any concept in different ways and perspectives, basically like a designer does
  • Understand what good design means before you start designing
  • Master the design rules so that you can follow or break them effectively
  • Learn little design tricks that can create huge differences in your design
  • How to deal with any project professionally and leave out any scope for error

Step into a designers' shoes, minds, laptops by getting started with this eBook. Transform the way you look at your presentations and design in general. Hone your design skills and fall in love with this discipline. After all, a man is known by the design he keeps!

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Most relevant reviews

by khangai


These eBooks have been a game-changer for me when it comes to designing my own presentations. Before these, I never knew how fonts can make such a huge difference and transform my presentations from the usual to something extraordinary and unique!

by chemny


These eBooks are great. They took me from being an absolute beginner to a pro with just a few hits and trials here and there. Do download these eBooks guys and if you do I am sure you won

by naamsrai


Earlier I used to make use of Photoshop to design anything. Even the simplest of the things were designed using Photoshop by my team as I thought PowerPoint does not have a lot of tools with which I can make my designs look more attractive. But your eBook

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