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20 Texture Backgrounds to Elevate Your Presentation Designs



Publish on : 23 September 2019

Pages : 32

Slides do not always need to have a white background! Like a texture on a wall brings the room to life, a textured slide background can turn a lifeless design into an invigorating, breathing one.There are many types of textures that are perfectly suitable to PowerPoint presentations. Natural textures like grass and artificial textures like paper and fabrics add meaning to slides besides adding an aesthetic value.A texture background also evokes a feeling in the viewers. A vintage background sets a context for historical and timeless wisdom while an eroded background sets a context for challenges and risks. This way it reinforces the message of the presentation.So which texture should you use in your next presentation? This eBook is the go-to resource for building your own texture background collection.We have curated the best textures that can be applied to your cover slides, section header slides and text slides. Through this eBook, we are giving away:20 attention-grabbing and professional textured backgrounds perfect for your PowerPoint presentation 40 slide designs, including 20 cover slides and 20 text slides, showing how the texture has been used by a presentation designer Give your audience a treat to breathtaking slides. Give an artistic touch to your slide designs by mirroring the textures you see in real life. Download the 20 textures handpicked by us to get a headstart today!

Contemporary presentation design is becoming creative by each passing day. Add vividness and warmth to your PowerPoint slides by applying artistic backgrounds. Texture background has the power to make the slides a treat for the eyes! Learn how and download our curated collection today.

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    Innovative and Colorful designs.
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    After reading these eBooks I prefer PowerPoint over any other software as it is so easy to use. And now that I know how I can design creative elements using it, I use it more than any other software. This has saved me a lot of time as well as resources as
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