Pyramid structures have always been admired for their longevity, durability and stability. Now you must be wondering what is the relevance of a pyramid structure in business communication? Are they even related? They sure are, Pyramid diagram is one of the most powerful tools used in our business world. Who knew a simple shape originated in the Egyptian Era could inspire business models and practices! From displaying an organizations’ hierarchical structure to showing its various levels and stages, a pyramid diagram is the most versatile tool that you can ever use in your presentations. So, let us begin designing an innovative 2D and 3D pyramid diagram to visually enhance your presentation and keep your audience engaged. Steps To Create 2-D Pyramid Diagram:  The very first step is to add a basic triangle to your presentation. Head over to Insert> Shapes and select a triangle. Insert a Triangle Insert a rectangle from the Shapes menu and duplicate it four times by clicking on Cntrl + D command. Then place these rectangles as shown in the figure below. Insert and position the Rectangles Select all the four rectangles. Head over to Format> Align> Distribute Vertically> Align Centre to align your figure perfectly. Align the Rectangles Create equal divisions by clicking on Format > Merge Shapes > Fragment. Create equal divisions Delete all the four rectangles to get the pyramid shape (as shown in the figure below). Delete the Rectangles This is the base of your pyramid diagram. Remove its outline and fill each of the fragment with a different color (see the figure below). Remove the Outline and fill Color This is a very basic pyramid diagram which you can use for your presentation. However, the possibilities of its customizations are endless like you can create an infographic, inverted pyramid, segmented pyramid and so on and so forth. Let us show you some of its variations. Creative 2D Pyramid Diagram Transform your basic pyramid diagram into a 2D diagram by following these two steps. Place a rectangle on your pyramid as shown in the figure below. Place a Rectangle Select the rectangle and right click it. Select Format Shape> No Line> Fill. Fill the shape with white color and increase the transparency to 65%. Note: - Select the Solid Fill option while filling white color in the rectangle. Format the Shape Congratulations! You have just created an innovative and highly modernized 2D Pyramid. Add the required text and use it the way you want. Pyramid Showing Progress If you think following too many steps is quite exhausting, feel free to download this pyramid design by clicking on the link below. Business Framework Model 3d Pyramid With 5 Stages Consulting Diagram Steps to Create an Inverted Pyramid Diagram: You can also turn a simple pyramid diagram into an inverted one by rotating it. Use the icon highlighted to rotate your figure. Inverted Pyramid Diagram

Steps To Create 3-D Pyramid Diagram:

A pyramid diagram is a very interesting and engaging mode of presenting your information and it becomes even more engaging when it is presented in form of a 3D graphic. Follow these steps to create a stunning and highly modernized 3D pyramid diagram for your presentation now. After learning how to create a basic pyramid diagram, you can now convert it into 3D diagram. To do so, right click on the shape and select Format Shape. A Format Shape window will open towards the right side. Click on the second icon (Effects) and select 3D Format> Top Bevel> Bevel> Round. Create 3D Effect Then increase the Depth to 100 pts as shown in the figure below. Increase the Depth Create 3D rotation in your figure by going to 3D Rotation> Presets> Perspective. Choose your desired option form the perspective menu, click on it to apply it. Here we have chosen Perspective Right. Create 3D rotation Add your stages/ levels which you want to showcase in this pyramid diagram (see the figure). Write Content You can add more effects to your text such as increase or decrease its size, add shadow making it even more attractive. For this, in the Home tab select the Shadow option denoted by the S icon. Add Effects A high-quality 3D pyramid is absolutely ready to help highlight your hierarchical structure more efficiently. Pyramid Showing Progress There are different styles and ideas which you can use to ramp up your presentation. So, we have shortlisted some of our best template designs which can be edited and modified as per your business requirement. Professionally Designed PowerPoint Templates Professional PowerPoint Template #1 Editable PPT Diagrams with Pyramids Maslows Slides Grab our amazingly designed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 3D Pyramid Template Professional PowerPoint Template #2 Strategic Management Colorful Pyramid Puzzle Sales Diagram Click here to download our stunning Colorful Pyramid Puzzle Design. Professional PowerPoint Template #3 MBA models and frameworks 4 Level Pyramid With 3D Design Business Diagram Feel free to download this awesome Four level Pyramid Template. Professional PowerPoint Template #4 Six Stage Pyramid Diagram With Icons PowerPoint Templates Grab this innovative Six Stage Pyramid Diagram With Icons Template. Professional PowerPoint Template #5 Business framework Strategy making Pyramid PowerPoint Presentation Download this amazing Strategy Making Pyramid Template and leave your audience awestruck. Professional PowerPoint Template #6 Strategy Making Pyramid 2 Business PowerPoint Presentation Feel free to download our professionally crafted Strategy Making Pyramid Template. Professional PowerPoint Template #7 PowerPoint Theme Business Pyramidal Diagram PPT Slides Click here to download our full editable Pyramidal Diagram Template Professional PowerPoint Template #8 PowerPoint Theme Sales Food Pyramid PPT Templates Amaze your audience by downloading our Food Pyramid Template. We hope we have been a help to you. In case of any queries or feedback leave them in the Comment Box below. Also, stay tuned for more such exciting tutorials.